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Monday, May 24, 2010

Air TV anime review By Silent Voice

I personally have seen this anime multiple times, and recommend it to everyone. I don't care that it's based for a H game, with that ton of anime these day are based off H game that give no reason to automatic prejudge it. I found this to be a series that draws you in and doesn't let go. With that lets break things down shall we.
Story: Score: 9/10
It's great and very emotional at times. But it one of those animes that has a secondary story in it to explain and add onto the original story. But be ready cause the thing i loved about this is that it isn't your happily ever after anime as every character has there dark past and secrets. I don't want to go into that to much to make sure i don't spoil the story. Let see i can leave you with this note every 1000 summers a girl is born with a fate that is predestined and can not be changed.
Art: Score: 9.5/10
Incredible is the word, me and my friends have alway joked of the whole HD anime thing saying what even the point of it. This is one of the extremely few exceptions to that. As this anime is so extremely well made that you can watch it in HD and actually see a difference. If you want just youtube the intro opening song, when i first watch this series along time ago they had the intro and my computer at the time was no were near powerful enough to play the full graphic intro. Here is a Youtube link that has it in 1080p > There is a large gap in quality (720p and 1080p i see no difference and i have a dedicated 1 gig video card with 1080p HD setup). Just that should be all the proof need to set why i have it so highly rated.
Sound: Score: 9/10
The sound is great, i love the intro and ending theme song. The Intro song has forever been scarred into my heart with deep emotions from how good the anime was. Plus i loved the voice actor choices at-least for the Japanese version. Misuzu had such a perfect voice actor. Over all it couldn't have been better. The Dub i haven't seen it all in dub, but i will give them create for picking some great name in the dubbing industry to work on the anime. So ill leave it as the dubbed version isn't bad but as usual it can't compare to the emotions and dedication the Japanese voice actor put into it.
Characters: 9/10
They has a story for everyone of the main characters, none of them were simple backgrounds either. The character were all well explained and were intertwined with the rest of the character and story. They went into very well detail for all the main characters and explain their purpose in the story very clearly. If they were to cut a character the whole story would fall apart. That is how well they used each character to their highest potential. You loved each of the characters as if they were all the #1 main character. But be prepared as a mentioned before all the character have their past and secrets. Those two things are used very well to add new twists and explain more in depth the whole story in general
Enjoyment: Score: 9.25/10
They kept me on that roller coast of emotion till the very end making me think if i could ever handle a ride like that again. But it was on of those even if it pure torture to my heart i had to see it again. The character were just created so in-depth that it made the whole series run smooth like watching a movie that you couldn't take your eyes off. I loved it from beginning to end as it a story you will never see in Hollywood these day or in America for that matter as, America's can't handle a story that the guy that doesn't get the girl, or the hero dies at the end, or anything that isn't happily ever after for that matter. That why to see something different for once makes it that much better even its torture to your emotions; that what just makes it that great to see and a must see at that. This is on my personal top 10 anime list and will stay there for years to come.

Thank you for reading my review
Silent Voice
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