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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nana Anime Review By Silent Voice

Incredible is the way I describe this series. Loved it for second one to the end. It also one of those anime that plays with your emotions a lot and in do so make it a extremely emotional roller coaster ride. This is personally one of my favorite anime of my list. So why don't we finally get to the specifics shall we.
Story: Score 9/10
Let start with the fact that there are multiple points of view to this story from the many characters that are in the series. But the main stories are of the two Nana's, yes if you don't know there are two characters named Nana in the series, which later on one is nick named Hachi to help clear confusion among other reasons. The to Nana's are complete opposite of each other coming from completely different worlds with their own friends and pasts. From that you get immersed in the two characters story, which are equally incredible and well thought out . Nana comes from a hard life just trying to keep her head above the water to survive, while Hachi lived a normal life trying to deal with the normal obstacle people run into through out life. How do two people of opposite worlds meet, let call it pure luck, love, and the fight to save a dollar. What do i mean by those, lets start with pure luck. Both Nana and Hachi are both heading to Tokyo and sit next to each other on the train, the train get delay due to snow storm. With that Hachi strike up the reason for her going to Tokyo. Which bring the other string that ties them together. They are both going to Tokyo for love of a man whom is now living there, one going to a art college whom Hachi made a promise to attend and to go live with him. And Nana is trying to find her boyfriend whom is working to become famous in a band. Lastly the fight to save a dollar, they will come to meet each other again while trying to find a apartment to live in, they both go to the same place to rent, just to get in a argument over who was there first. But come to the conclusion splitting the rent would be cheaper and it was plenty big enough for the two of them. This is point of no return for which these two lives now have become unchangeablely intertwined and real story begins. I'm not going any further then this if you want more watch the series you will never regret it.
Art: Score 8/10
Sad to say i had to give this below a 9 at a 8. Why you ask it would be because as good as it really is, it really reminded me of a clamp series with the overly slender long legs and arms sometimes. But it wasn't as bad as clamp at least. Nothing against clamp. But other then that art was really well drawn and the color choices were great. The characters were constantly changing which kept the anime at a new feel through out the series too. Over all i can't put out a complaint that make me even think to say it not worth the watch.
Sound: Score 10/10
This was nothing short of perfect. If it wasn't Nana singing with all her beauty it would be Reira whom is voiced by singer Olivia Lufkin whom is a angel with her incredible voice, She is a singing voice of the character. The voice actor was Aya Hirano to keep things clear. You want to hear Nana's singer look up Anna Tsuchiya. If Oliva is an angel then Anna is the singer calling you from the dark and with her voice you go into the dark with out a second thought. If you get nothing else out the series it would be just the great music, but seriously if that all you get out the series then all i got to say is were you paying an attention to the story...
Character: Score 9/10
To many characters to get into, but you will fall in love with most everyone , but you will hate a few, but that's only cause that is the role they were meant to play. But both Nana's story will run you through all the emotions you have. One of the weird thing i found about the characters is the names; as in Japanese Nana is the number 7 also in Japanese Hatchi is the number 8 how they got away with that in the series is beyond me. Lets see from our point of view its just some names,but from the Japanese point of view its like "Nana: hey 8 how is your day. Hachi: Great, o yea 7 what are your plans for tonight." kind of a odd choose of names. But besides that you will become so into the story you will just want more. Plus the other character have their stories that are just as interesting and all the character story cross through out which causes new and more interesting character development to occur. Once you get into the characters the story with make sure to keep you following every step the character make. I mean you in for some incredible story and character development and you will only want to keep on watching till it over. Plus if you didn't get enough it only continues on in the manga so give that a go as well.
Enjoyment: Score 9/10
I enjoyed it till the ended even if it was a needles to the heart sometimes with all the emotion you go through in the anime. I loved everything about the anime i only wish i had the time to read more of the manga or if they would continue the series. But i have no regret in any shape or form with this anime. By writing this it make me feel the need to re-watch the series just cause i loved it so much. Please if anything give it a few episode please don't give up on the first episode like many out there do. Please as with all anime don't stop just cause you dislike what you saw in episode 1. Thank you reading this i hope you all got something out of this.
Overall: Score 9/10

Thank You for your support.
Silent Voice
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